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Gallery Exhibit - Artist Reception - The Kitchen

Gallery Exhibit - Artist Reception - The Kitchen

The icing on the cake of my gallery exhibit was the Artist Reception held Friday, Aug. 10th on a gorgeous summer evening.  It was a wonderfully fun event with a chance to talk with so many people about what I do with photography and why I do it.  That experience really solidified my creative direction with new ideas!

Photo Aug 10, 6 39 56 PM.jpg

I learned so much chatting with folks interested and intrigued by my prints during the exhibit as well as discovered how truly unique my style is was for our Midwest area.  Words simply cannot convey how magical this experience has been.  With family, friends, gallery artists, and area art-loving visitors, I am so grateful to have been a part of this guest artist exhibit.   

Photo Aug 10, 6 48 35 PM.jpg

As the evening was wrapping up, I was asked by a Gallery Representative if I would consider leaving a few of my pieces there after the month of August and I was beyond thrilled to reply with a resounding YES!

Photo Aug 10, 6 48 52 PM.jpg

Over the past week, several folks have also emailed me inquiring about the availability of my prints online.  That is a very intriguing idea and one that I will be considering over the next couple of months.

So many new opportunities to consider!

Now that the gallery experience is completely underway for the remainder of the month I get the opportunity to reflect on the past year of preparation and planning as well as relaxing a bit.  

But here is the kicker....

When I relax, I start thinking.

This latest round of "relaxed thinking" has spurred a new project to tie into taking my culinary photography to the next level.

Stay tuned as I have begun a "kitchen refresh"!!!

Up Next - the BEFORE shots of our kitchen and how I will be tackling painting, organizing, and basically redesigning how we use this space.  The progress so far is exceeding my expectations.

See you soon!



A Kitchen Refresh - Introduction and Planning

A Kitchen Refresh - Introduction and Planning

The Gallery Exhibit - August 2018

The Gallery Exhibit - August 2018